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Site created on July 31,2000

Hosted byBob Larkin at
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Final Doom


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about DLW ?

Outrun.mid [6mn35s]from"Doom3057", map01

Click here for more info

Cool map, no?

for Doom Legacy
opengl mode!
( 777.wad)

And thisone:
Wood(final room)
Crazy, no?

Whatis DLW, and how to use it

Howcan I find a wad ?
All the wads on the download pages are placed one after the other,
themost recent ones are on top and the older ones are at the bottom page,
without any other order ! So, you will find easily the most recentswads on DLW !
You just have to look at the top of each page to find them.
(look at the "Wads pages" menu)
On the "
Wads'List"page, they are sorted by name and type of game,
with a link toward the concerned download page.

Howtouse wads ?
Simple! You do not need any ".bat"fileor any other program but the launcher!
Just read the option "Help..." on the launcher :
[1.SETTINGUP] and [3.SINGLEMAP] ... andthe others, ofcourse!)
Or use KDX, the King Elvis Launcher ("Utilities" page)

You needs moreexplanations?
Ok, click here: How touse Legacy

Andthe "Converted" wads ?
They are wads originaly made forDoom1,but now playable with Doom2,
or the concerned Pwad contains such maps.
But, to do so, you needs an addon with the missing Doom1 textures:
Look at this txt file whatneeds to be known!

DoI have projects ?
I have ~ 1Go of selectedWads on my comput! (and thisnumber grows every day...)
(43 megawads and ~100 pwads,unreleasedon DLW)
The Doom directory is seized 3.06 Go
and I have still 12 free gigaoctets on my second hard disk...

Iam in trouble...!
Nopanic! Tell all to dad !
He will answer you very soon, as usual !

This sitewas createdto offer you my work, and some wads, pwads and megawads
collected on the net. There is so many sites, so many wads...
Do you know a site whose goal is to put authors in front?
NO !?! There isn't enough!
All of them (when they comment on...) are oriented toward the gamer,
not toward the author(s)!
My goal, with this site, is to give to you the best, but with thefollowing idea :
are you able to give the name of the author of « The Twilight Zone II»?
And « Biowar»?...Yes?...No...?!?
*** ***
Do you know that the father of « Odyssey» is « T.Elliot Cannon»
aka «
Myscha » aka« the sleg dog »?
Do you think it is normal to play without being able to give the nameof his author?
Do you think it is normal to read a book or to see a spectacle withoutknowing who created it ?
One example : can you give the name of a wad made by « Chris Harbin »!
And « Paul Corfiatis», whathave he made? He he he...! Hard, isn't it ?
Me, I am like the hand pointing toward stars : don't look at me!
Don't look the finger, but the stars! And here, authors are the stars!
Well, writing this, I am thinking that

this site, finally, is anauthors' apology.

Oh yes!
When you play a wad, will you send an email to say : « Thankyou!» ?
Ok! That's enough! You know what you have do do, now...

Thewads on the « Download » pages are certifiedwithout any error!
They had been tested on « skill 4 » (to test theplaygrounddifficulty).
They also are certified without any missing texture.
All missing textures has been added.
When this work was jugged tooimportant,
a separate wad containing modified levels was created
(to respect the ownership and the integrity of the authors work).
All the modifications or additional works (screens, messages, ...) werestored
in external wads, as addons : I think that, with this precaution, allthe concerned
authors will never say that I have modified their work against theirwish!
(special thank toMister TyAlderman forthe patience he had
when he explained me by
email ,several times, what I can do and
what I don't have the author's permission to do...)

A lot of utilitiesare used for myjob,but the most important is
ZenNode.exe » from MarcRousseau.
« Thankyou, MisterRousseau, for your fantastic work on the latest
versions and for having, eachtime, made all the modifications and
debugging I suggested... Howmany times?... And so quickly!»

WithZenNode, no more holes in textures!
If a texture is again missing, it's because, IN MOST CASES ,
when the map was built, the author didn't care to put the vertices ON
the intersections of the grid lines of the Map Editor (no matter whichone),
or too close to each other
(Doom LEGACY don't like vertices on 4x4 or 6x6 grid!)
With 8x8 grid, all is fine! Thus, when I found a textureabsent after
having used ZenNode, I just had to put the concerned vertices on
the grid and... "magic magic"... hello the texture! He he he...


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