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It's notwithout reason that the new game "DOOM 3",from Id Software, will be an OpenGl game...!
To illustrate that purpose, I have made a study about one of the biggest problem of OpenGl mode :
the impossibility to draw correctly a transparent texture on a one sided linedef !
With simple words, that mean that, when a wall is surrounded by vacuum (there is nothing behind it),
you must see vacuum throught transparents parts of this texture! No?
But, it's impossible! Because of that impossibility, in Software mode,
the Doom graphic's engine fill this vacuum with a texture by default, always the same!
On my first Doom page, I released JCM: with the map E2M7, I have had to solve this problem!

This texture has been used, in JCM, to adornwalls of a hall.
This page has a black background : so, you see black
throught the rungs! And black is the vacuum "...color"!
But remember : the Doom graphic's engine fill this vacuum
with a texture by default!

Look now theillustration of this...engine handling :


Do you understand better the obtainedeffect? You think wall texture on this picture is anotherone?
No! It's the same, on left screen handled by the Doomgraphic's engine in Software mode,
and, on right screen, showing the actual limitation ofOpengl mode, but the true texture!




And now, look : I have obtained thecorrect texture : it's what I call "Work for OpenGlcompatibility"!
How have I made?...It's my wad author secret! He he...



Another example : transparenttexture (BROVINE1) on one sided linedefs


DeathwishE1M2 Software mode

DeathwishE1M2 OpenGl mode

Well, my friends, do you still want to useSoftware mode...?
BUT : be carefull ! You can use full OpenGl modeonly on DLWwads,without any restriction!
They are all certified by your servitor...by the author'sservitor, I must say,
because my work is like this sort of linedef : absolutelytransparent!
You will never say : "Oh! Jive is passed here!"
Don't look, in the txt files, at the exact description of mywork, and you will never think I have made something!

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