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Text extracted from a thread at Newdoom forum:
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I have to sum up:

DLW is a site created to share what I have enjoyed, and to bring the authors at top.

I don't matter about Jive.
I don't need this site.
I don't want to be known: my social life is enough to make me known!
The totality of my work is a free gift!

When I find something wrong (missing texture, holes on texture, bug, impossible travel toward some part of a map because the author don't have imagined that it was possible (for example, to stay in an unwanted trap),...), I make some corrections, but always totally invisible, because I don't want to promote Jive, but the author!!!

An example: in the wad "Episode1", map E1M4, from John Gaughan: I have added a linedef (n494), with action 195 (exit when pushed), to allow a return toward the undiscovered part of the map, because without it, all you can say when you look at the automap, is: "Oh: there is some unvisited rooms, but it's too late: I can't go back because John Gaughan don't thought about it!"
So, with my add, the player is allowed to enjoy ALL what John Gaughan good stuff!

The final goal of my work is to give to the player the maximum possible pleasure, and to give ALL the credit to the author.

When I enjoy something, I have no other choice than to share it... Otherwise, I miss something !

Finally, I am in love of all the promoted authors at DLW. It's why I do a so hard work to bring them at the top!
...and it's why
I'm so sad if an author don't understand my goal!

P.S.: just a last thought: John said me, about the famous missing map E2M3: "Do it yourself!"
I can do it, of course! I can also add some other map without knowned author... But I want for the player, for the DLW user, something coming from you, not from Jive! Otherwise I will have named my site "Jive's Legacy Wads" aka JLW... 



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 posted June 10, 2002  01:12 PM Click Here to See the Profile for Rellik_jmd    Click Here to Email Rellik_jmd    Edit/Delete Message Visit Rellik_jmd's Homepage!    IP Logged

Come on, you read Jive's mail and it's clear that:

1. The guy is working hard to get the english right, but is still having problems.

2. the guy is happy and not angry at all, just enthusiastic

I get mails from non-english speaking people all the time and sometimes you need to be a little PATIENT to find out exactly what they're talking about. They are trying their best, so work with them. They're trying to do you a FAVOR, and yes it does in fact PAY TO BE NICE.

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