Jive's interview for Newdoom
February 2002

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Happy Jive

What means your Name?

My name is Jean-Yves Delpech.

In France, "Delpech" was written originally "Del puesch", which means "he who comes from the well".

This maybe explains why I always like to go to the bottom of things, and look below the surface, to go to the other side and also that I have a deep desire within me to go to the "Source".

This also signifies that I consider myself being ..  "en voyage", they say of me that I’m looking for the well...!

 What about your age?

That is 48 years travelling on this earth...

Location on Planet Earth?

Actually, I live on French soil where one grows wine, to be exact the origin of champagne: La Marne.

Favourite Band, Film, Food?

All the tastes one finds in nature, what interest will that give you if I tell which one?

I like music full of sentiments, the music that makes you travel, music that has been created with a deep sentiment, authentic and colourful ...I like science fiction movies, and Italian cooking.

1 Can you remember the first time that you played doom?

Let me see...that is so long ago...!

Well, I have discovered Doom at its release, but after other games of similar kind, I’m particular keen on Wolf3d and Co. I started with the shareware version of Doom1, before buying the full version. Much later an another episode has been released on a CDROM , the fourth, "E4M1-E4M9", which was called:

The Ultimate



But I would like to answer a question that hasn’t been posed:

Why do you like Doom?

Because this game is for me like a game of chess: on account of the extraordinary way it has been invented, Doom gives to the monsters a very interesting artificial intelligence, which allows you to play the same Map several times without ever disliking it. For instance games like  "Commander Keen" don’t appeal to me, where all remains on the same spot and all is predictable.

Doom isn’t a game that is predictable, it is dependent on the way you action a situation, like in a game of chess!

Further am I always astonished by the wealth of imagination of the authors, and it is quit frequent that I’m staggered by the beauty and/or the amazing architecture in which I find myself and let myself be killed or wounded before reacting.

Yes, I have a deep admiration for all the authors , for I know, I’m an author myself, the enormous work one Map represents, even a simple one, even a lousy one.

2 When did you first discover Legacy?

That is also some time ago that I discovered Legacy, not at its debut (by the end of 1999, I don’t know exactly).

Prior to that, I had found on a CDROM of the magazine "Joystick"( Nr.101 February 1999), unfinished work of a nerd (Bruce Lewis) who had made on December 1998 an adaptation of OpenGL: "gldoom94.exe":


" On 23 Dec, 1997, John Carmack of id Software made public the source code to the Linux port of their mega hit game Doom. John Carmack believes in trying to improve the game industry by releasing code that while no longer commercially viable contains program code that aspiring game programmers can learn from.

I had been dabbling with game programming since April of 1993. When id Software released the source to Wolf3D, I downloaded it but it was for a compiler I did not have and was also all 16 bit code with a fair amount of assembler sprinkled throughout.

Any port of Wolf3D to Win32 (my current "favorite" game environment) would require the program to be rewritten. Not from scratch but very nearly. The original program would be used as a template.

When the Doom source code was released, it was all 32 bit code. It was a newer game and was also multiplayer with a data set that was "open". I decided to port Doom to Win32 first and get a stable Win32 port working then to add an OpenGL renderer on top of that.

glDoom is an unauthorized adaptation of id Software's Doom to use the OpenGL graphics language"


And from that moment I was hooked.

When by total accident, I found the version "Legacy", made by Boris Pereira, who was relieved by Thierry Van Elsuwé. It is not too much to say that since than my life has changed. For when a passion starts, it changes one’s life.

3 Has Legacy always been your favourite port

Yes, Legacy has always been my favorite port, I do recognise the merits of others like Zdoom and Jdoom in particular and I look at the small war the respective followers wage on each other as stupid, sterile and childish.

4 What was your first doom level called and do you still have it? Maybe you could give a small description.

Yes, I remember it very well.
These are Maps created by John Anderson, aka Dr Sleep (Screen1
Screen2) (email):

"Dante's Gate" 


"Crossing Acheron"


(map23 & map24 in 'Jive's Col')


I don’t have 5 cats as he has, but 4 ... I’m also a follower of the Zen philosophy... And also a Doctor (dental surgeon).

5 How long have you been adding Legacy features to other wads? Maybe I should say converting them for legacy

To say that I add features to other wads isn’t correct and exact.

What one could say is that I convert them or in other words translate them. Yes, that is it, I’m a "Software - OpenGl Legacy" translator. It could happen for instance, that an author would like to have 3d deep water in a swimming pool like in Zdoom. I then make an adoption in Legacy, which will lead to the same result.

6 Have you ever modified a wad for use with Legacy and the original authour think that it was worse?

Yes, I must absolutely talk about this topic, for this has created for me, with one author and with several players,  a few disappointments. They were convinced that I had made changes and additions, in short I had spoiled their creation. Until they become conscious and understand that in fact all I do, with the aim to change nothing essential, is trying  to find a correction as transparent as possible.

In effect, when I have retouched a map, I shall only be content of what I have done when people say "What a marvellous creation, what a great author!", not talking about me, but about the real author! And if they don’t give credits to my work and the credits go to the author, that is fine with me!

The most difficult work I have done is the conversion of "Herian" megawads, for which I... was "ordered" by the author himself Ian Wilson.

I’m proud of this work, if you wouldn’t have read the enclosed text file, in which I describe with a lot of detail ALL I have done, you could only say :"Ian Wilson is an unbelievable author!", and not: "What a work Jive has accomplished!"

Yes, really, and my friends know that what I just said is the truth. My only hope is that they will look at who to point their finger to!

7 Do you have several wads on the go at the same time or do you just work on one until it is done?

Well here, I can say I work on about 36 projects at the time and I assure you I’m not far off when I say that!

It is clear that such requires a good organisation and adequate tools(like the fantastic "Mydoom Frontend", the launcher of my friend King Elvis).And, at the end, it happens often that I, at the same time, deliver other large projects like the last update of my site, where I made available 9 megawads and some other sublime things, all in all 242 maps!

I must add, that most times I finish working at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and I go to bed exhausted, empty, with bad cramps in the shouldersand and a headache... 

It also happens that, when encountering certain difficulties, I get angry and exhausted but always I end up finding a solution.

Well here is such an example, it is a texture used in the megawad  "JCM"


Mode: software                               Mode: Opengl


It has in this case been the most difficult problem I have solved!

Here is the result of my work:

After having seen this, would you dare to say again that I modify wads?

But the best example which I have worked on is the next one:

e2m5 in "OneMore"


Before                                       After

I have not only corrected the errors and for only once, showed what I’m capable of (without anyone knowing, I was the author...)
The graphic disasters were of such multitude that I had use all my capacities and prove my capabilities to repair…...


8 What levels are you working on at the moment and soon can we see your next release?

I Have quite a lot of projects on my plate...I shall quote two:

"OneMore3", a Doom2 megawad, compilation of 32 unreleased maps at DLW, and "DSV", the well known megawad by Samuel A. Villarreal.

9 If you had to name one feature that makes Legacy stand out from the rest what would it be?

For the eyes, the way the dynamic lightning and statistics have been coded is brilliant, intelligent and good, as well as the optimum time wads are loaded. Jdoom is too rich...I repeat too rich in colours and lightning. Zdoom is too instable, its features are however excellent which are absent in Legacy!

 10 Are there any levels you would really like to get your hands on for a Legacy conversion? Any one paticular wad / level?

Yes and no: All the Zdoom maps are totally incompatible with Legacy!

Once un author, who’s name I will not disclose, has asked me not to publish his maps, for the simple reason that he had his own site and was busy making a project based on these maps, which has been abondonned since a long time. Anyway, if I find a wad which doesn’t need my intervention, I will not put it on my site: I will put in a link to the author’s site!

(and that is exactly what I did with the excellent  "VileCore" by Darren Finch  A.K.A: Doom_Dude.)

11 Have you ever been refused permission to work on someone elses wad?

No! As all concerned authors know I deliver their work in more than perfect state and in any case totally transparent: they are the only beneficiaries!

In the same way one cannot approach a translator: "If he dares to translate", it is the aim to share with others the work he is gifted with. There is however a fundamental difference: one can make errors when translating, as one cannot find the words to express oneself in a simular way! Anyway as I said before my work is totally transparent! The above examples are the proof.

12 Was DLW your first Doom website?

Yes! And I have no knowledge to speak of in the area of internet, HTML...

I do have some experience in the area of programming language: I have written various software (games, numbering, astrology, design, clocks, file visualiser,...all full functional, but for my own use, so never published), I used the assembler language or visual basic.

It has taken me some time and effort before I obtained the desired result,

The programming I learnt on my own, I reached my goal without anybody’s help...

Only once when my site was on line did I need help, to correct certain translation errors, as I’m French and my English lessons go back 30 years...

I should put the English dictionary under my pillow in order to be able to write a complicated site directly in English!

13 What other games do you like to play besides doom? Whats on your hard drive at the moment?

I also have a passion for racing games, like formula 1 and rally. And my force feed back wheel takes often a beating.

I am also involved within the Visual Pinball world, and I own a site named "Jive's Pinball Mods" aka JPM

14 Where did the nickname Jive come from?

My nephew couldn’t pronounce "Tonton Jean-Yves" (tonton = uncle), when he was little. He could only say "Tongeeve"...

So, when I was thinking of a name, I spontaneously thought of that name.

15 If you could do anything in the whole world what would it be? Do you have an unfulfilled dream?

To be an angel and spread peace and joy around me, solve ALL the problems and remove ALL the sorrows!

Your question moves me back 30 years. At that time, I was 18-20 years old, I had the privilege to be invited by the rare pupils of a Vedanta Master, Sri Padmanabha Menon, who one also calls "Gurudev", which means "little master". I was allowed to pose one question, only one! When it was my turn, he looked ,without a smile, me straight into the eyes and asked me to pose my question. I asked him: "Gurudev, If there is only one thing to aid the others what should that be?" His answer was:

If you want to give peace, be Peace!
If you want to give love, be Love!
For one can't give what one isn’t!!!