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Castle Phobos v4.0
09 levelscreated on October 221994,released here on March 28, 2006
David GShrock (Creator of TerrorMall and CPhobos5for Doom II)
4791 Kb (Zip = 2298 Ko)
E2M1 - E2M9:
Castle Phobos v4.0 . DragonRook Presents:9 levels of destructive fun!
It's "Castle Phobos v3.1", totally debugged by me.
A ninelevel episode where the theme is set in a castle environment that ismeant to be a challenge.
Terror Mall
04 levelscreated on Nov.21, 1994,released here on March 24, 2006
David GShrock (Creator of CastlePhobos for Doom (CP3) and Doom II (CP5)
3604 Kb (Zip = 928 Ko)
E3M6 - E3M9:
TerrorMall for Doom1. New graphics and built to lookjust like a mall with a new monster.
Uses DeHackEd for neweffects such as shooting computers or windows, the new monsterand new text.
It was its last episode/levels for Doom.

The Neutron Stars collection
36 levelscreated between 1994 & 2005,released here on March 15, 2006
Scott Serino(compilator for J.Stewart, S. Powers, D. Hornabacker & S. Birkel )
6527 Kb (Zip = 2750 Ko)
E1M1 - E4M9:
The Neutron Star Collection(TheMars Plague, Ultimate, The Apocalypse Project, Fava Beans)
Compilation of my top4 favorite fanmade DOOM ep, spanning 11 years, arranged as acomplete game. With the exceptions of the levels themselves, Iput everything together (Scott). Debuggedversion (2 deh files: 1 for Ep.1, and 1 for Ep.2,3 & 4)
Pone (author unknown) : E2M9
09 levelscreated onJune 19th, 1994,released here on Feb. 22, 2006
Authorunknown, but quite surely a well known one!!!
979 Kb (Zip = 429 Ko)
E2M1 - E2M9:
This wad was discovered on the MR_ROCKET'S Database on janv. 27, 2006.
No new texture, nor anything else, apart a new sky. The good
old time!
Death is just the begining (v1.0) E1M3
09 levelscreated onMay 25th, 2004,released here on Feb.22, 2006
Lorenzo"Toranaga"Davia (Toranagawebsite, hosted by: Doom Wad Station)
1914Kb (Zip = 796 Ko)
E1M1 - E1M9:
Deathis just the begining (v1.0)
In DJB you have tofight your way from Hell, kill tons of monsters in their Horrid Churchand free the UAC bases from the invasion (as usual). DJBshould work under every port; it was tested with Doom Legacy, ZDoom,Skulltag, EDGE, PrBoom

Jive's New Collection from 5 authors: E1M6 (Legion)

08 levelscreated between 1994& 2002,released here on Feb. 07, 2005
S.Bareman, T.Hamel, J. McColm, E. Falsken,A. Leaver
2351Kb (Zip = 1181 Ko)
E1M1 - E1M8:
Jive's New Collection
It's my 14th collection. The first maps are not of a very good quality,but they come from the 94's. The 2 last ones are from the author of "NoHope For Life". It's a collection for Doom history.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Original Doom 1 version

09 levelscreated on Sept. 01, 1994,released here on Feb. 07, 2005
NormanScott &Tim Scott
3578Kb (Zip = 1586 Ko)
E1M1 - E1M9:
Returnto Castle Wolfenstein V1.1(btsaR2Wolf2)
The episode contains some levels previously released by authors,modified levels, and completely new levels.Contains characters andtextures from Wolfenstein. There is also a new weapon to add to yourpack.

Heroes, from the CD "Demon Collection"

36 levels, created around1994, edited on 1995and released here on July18, 2004
Alis theauthor ofthis compilation/edition/modification...
7063 Kb (Zip = 3082Ko)
E1M1 - E4M9: Heroes,from the CD "Demon Collection"
It's a compilation, discovered by Sparsky some years ago
Some maps are very well known, some others were unknown to me, but allare very good.

The Subversion Episode

05 levelscreated on July 23rd, 2001,released here on June 22, 2004
Pablo Dictter (Web site) & JoelMurdoch
1208Kb (Zip = 483 Ko)
E3M4 - E3M9:
The"Subversion" Episode btsa Infernal, EvPl, Polsdic,WarChemInfl
Storyby Joel, based on a first draft by Pablo, based on an initial conceptby Joel, inspired by the first version of this WAD. Clear? :) There are3 former NHFL maps and 3 new ones.

The Wasteland Series

04 levels created onMay/Jul 1994,released here on June 22, 2004
AlbertoBarsella a.k.a. Ishark. Homepage: DOOM
1315 Kb (Zip = 541 Ko)
E2M1 - E2M4: The Wasteland Series
I merged, managed and debugged the 4 wads of the Series:
Dead Base, Mountain of Fire, Sands of Death and Mausoleum.

BlotWalz (E1M1)

05 levelscreated on October 22, 1994,released here on June22, 2004
1315Kb  (Zip = 504Ko)
E1M1- E1M5:
Bloodon the Walz Version 3.0update
New sounds, new music, new textures, plus... a crazzy dehacked patch!!!
It makes the game more challenging, and adds a little differentstrategy to the game.

The Cobra Episodes, Doom1 serie, Volume III/3, E2M7

01 levelcreated on October 04, 1994,released here on May 10,2004
547Kb (Zip = 193 Ko)
This pwad REQUIRES v1.666, otherwise some doors and lifts will notwork!!!
This must remain on E2, since it contains a custom sky texture.

The Cobra Episodes, Doom1 serie, Volume III/3, E2M7

27 levelscreated on 1994,released here on March10, 2004
COBRA COMPUTERLTD.  (btsa Cobra2_1,Cobra2_2, Cobra2_3, Cobra2_4)
4034Kb (Zip = 2303 Ko)
TheCobra Episodes,Doom 1 serie,Volume III/3
This is compilation of PWADS for DOOM 1, some very good oldies of the94's, selected from 24 different authors
Some are well known, others less, not all should be known absolutely,but others yes!!!

The Cobra Episodes, Doom1 serie, Volume II/3, E1M4

27 levelscreated on 1994,released here on March10, 2004
COBRA COMPUTERLTD.  (btsa Cobra2_1,Cobra2_2, Cobra2_3, Cobra2_4)
3904Kb (Zip = 1798Ko)
E1M1-E3M8:TheCobra Episodes, Doom 1 serie, Volume II/3
This iscompilationof PWADSfor DOOM 1, some very good oldies of the 94's, selected from 24different authors
Some are well known, others less, not all should be known absolutely,but others yes!!!

The Cobra Episodes, Doom1 serie, Volume I/3, E3M8

27 levelscreated on 1994,released here on March10, 2004
COBRA COMPUTERLTD. (btsa Cobra2_1,Cobra2_2, Cobra2_3, Cobra2_4)
3869Kb (Zip = 1774Ko)
E1M1-E3M8:TheCobra Episodes, Doom 1 serie, Volume I/3
This iscompilationof PWADSfor DOOM 1, some very good oldies of the 94's, selected from 24different authors
Some are well known, others less, not all should be known absolutely,but others yes!!!

End E1M1

27 levelscreated on 1997-1998,released here on December27, 2003
Author unknown.
5831 Kb (Zip = 2140Ko)
E1M1-E3M9: End
(for the TNT's Boom mod). Original pwad, maps unchanged.
Thispwad was compiled by Sparky, and is unchanged, apart new skies made byme.
It's based on a CD named "Demon Collection" (btsaEnd, the debugged version...)

Jptr_v40 E1M8

27levelscreated on December 09, 1994, released here on October28,2003
ChristenKlie&Robert Carter (Klie'sinterviewmade by monfriez for aspecial page(thanks teapot)atDoomworld)
2458Kb (Zip = 1011Ko)
E1M1-E3M8: The LostEpisodes of Doom, aka JPTR, version 4.0
. (btsa Thud, ChrisE1)
Thismission pack flows very closely to Doom's puzzle map stile, but don'tlet the cover fool you.
There are no new weapons, only maps, 3 demos, and new episode names.

Death Tormention II

09levelscreated on November 19, 1999,released here on October 28, 2002
, Kristian Aro (members of Team Insanity)& ChrisHarbin
2458 Kb (Zip = 1011Ko)
E4M1-E4M9: Death TormentionII, the fantasic and evil sequel to Death Tormention I
.(btsa Pe4m_all, Biowar, 2001-e1)
Itcontains also E1M9, E2M9 & E3M9, and all new musics fromP.Corfiatis.
Thestyle is just like id's E4, medieval.There's not much to say... (Paul)

The Classic Episode

09levelsupdated on August 31, 2002,released here on October28, 2002
JanVan der Veken, AnthonySoto, NickBaker & Travers Dunne
1827 Kb
  (Zip = 986 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9: The ClassicEpisode version 2.0
(btsa OneMore)
Anepisode in theclassic Doom style. The goal is to recreate as accurate aspossible the atmosphere of the original id levels (Anthony).
All maps support coop play and maps E2M1, E2M2, E2M6, E2M8, and E2M9are recommended for deathmatch modes.

02 levels created onJuly 28, 1994,releasedhere on September 22, 2002
(CZ), coauthor of theMegawad"H2h-xmas", released 1,5 year after.
1415 Kb (Zip = 964 Ko)
E1M1 &E1M9: Galaxia,The Ultimate Czech Level
.Twodistinct maps,notplayable together.
"My plan was to design anoriginal subway area andsewers. (of course). When I started,
I hadn't played a single pwad before. So I didn't steal any idea, justwas not first".

08levelscreatedbetween 1994 & 2000, released here on August15, 2002
SteveTimsonand Wes BurdJr
2925 Kb (Zip = 1731 Ko)
E3M1-E3M8: TimsonBurd, my 16th exclusive compilation at DLW.
It contains: E3M1: Exodus (Burd), E3M2: Infested (Burd), E3M3: Forsaken(Burd), E3M4-E3M8: 666Epis (Timson)
It's an awesome megawad with a nice architecture and a very goodgameplay.Isthere really 6 years between their date's creation?!? Yes!

06 levelscreated on 20 March 1995,released here on August 03, 2002
Jean-SergeGagnon. Homeon the web
2005 Kb (Zip = 897 Ko)
E1M1-E1M5 +E1M9: You're at Ottawa Univ. andare about to go to the pool for a swim, but...
OttawaUniversity (v 0.9) "This is by the sameauthor that broughtyou FOREST32! (btsaForest
) A 6mission PWAD. Check out the tunnels in this PWAD!(E1M9)..." (JSG)
09levels created on May 25, 1996,released here on August 03, 2002
2669 Kb  (Zip = 1237Ko)
E1M1-E1M9: Debut,a full episode replacing "Knee Deep in the Dead", though not theeasiest.
"Alotof time was spent on lighting, and "fancy" architechure, wall and floortexturesfollow different themes, it's not just random textures throwneverywhere.This is my second release, I also have a WAD for DOOM2 calledgenesiss.wad." (Tony)
09levelscreated on April 1994,released here on August 03, 2002
1926 Kb (Zip = 1017 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9: Do havea look at "HELL ON IO, missions1-4" (Map28-Map31 in Newdoom2.wad)(btsaNewdoom2)
Apocalypse,wad found by Jive in "dmwad01.zip", collection downloadable here:http://www.filelibrary.com/Contents/DOS/104/40.html
Release date: December 06, 1994 in "The Master Levels for Doom II".
Click here to see it enlarged
09levelscreated on June 15, 1998,released here on June 30, 2002
1954 Kb  (Zip = 1140Ko)
E2M1-E2M9: You are welcome to convert DARKHELLto workwith any game you like.
"Idon't care what you do with it, it's freeware and Doom is kindof old.Justgive credit where credit is due... just say Greytale made it...:)
You will LOVE these maps, or I have no imagination worthy of freeware."Greytale

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