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The Unholy Trinity

1levelcreated on Sept04, 1994 (updated on Sept 13, 1995),updated here on Sept30, 2002 (v.2, for UltimateDoom)
Steve McCrea,Simon Wall, Elias Papavassilopoulos
1330 Kb
(Zip = 769 Kb)
E1M1: The Unholy Trinity. A reasonable representation of Trinity College, Cambridge."
Have you ever play Doominto a college ?
It's time, ... and, well, I must admit: it's pleasant and unusual !

09levelscreated onApril 28, 1997, released here on June 30, 2002.
Douglas A. Campbell
3452 Kb  (Zip = 1910 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9: TheGood, the Bad & the Architectural
"A feast for the eyes of those who thirst for blood.Indulge yourself with nine classically designed levels of finearchitecture with fast and furious action, a puzzle or two thrown injust for fun, and a silly story line. Don't let the blood and visceraof hundreds of slaughtered beasts spoil the beauty of yoursurroundings." Douglas

09levelscreated onJully 31, 1994, released here on June 30, 2002.
1338 Kb  (Zip = 863 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9: OK, here it is: TheEnjay replacement for the shores of hell.
"My wife can't remember who I am and I am sure I have asix month old daughter somewhere but I don't remember what she lookslike. This has taken me ages. The world could have ended and I wouldhave missed it." Enjay

08levelscreatedbetween 1999 & 2001, released here on June 05, 2002.
Frank Polster(TheDeserted Island)and Pablo Dictter (Web site) btsa Infernal, EvPlSubversion,WarChemInfl
2907 Kb (Zip = 1587Ko).  For Boom 2.02
E1M1-E1M8: PolsDicis my 12th compilation.
It contains five wads from F. Polster and "The Missing Scene" from P.Dictter
I have added some graphics from me, and my usual mark... I hope youwill love it, especially E1M4_Jive...!

09levelscreated onApril 2000, released here on June 05, 2002.
ChristianNygaardHansen aka 'c-cooper', a Team Insanity member and DanishDoomer, webmaster of The Doomer'srecess
2158 Kb  (Zip = 1014 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9: CHRetro Episode
"a level filledto the rim with all that good John Romero episode 1 stuff we all knowand love!
Here's the entire episode!"

05levelscreated onMay 21, 1995, released here on June 05, 2002.
Edwin Diaz

4665 Kb  (Zip = 2283 Ko)
E2M1-E2M3: Crazy graphics floor wall sky &charactors.
CrazyEd2: "This is my first spanish level. It's not too tough and nottooeasy!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bilding it. (E. Diaz)

03levelscreated onAugust 26, 1994, released here on May 21, 2002.
MartinA.Krebs "The MAK"
1489 Kb  (Zip = 941 Ko)
E2M1-E2M3: MAK'sDoomdom version 3.0
These levels are an attempt to mirror the mood and detailed maps thatmade the original game so much fun.
Stress was placed on QUALITY.

09levelscreated onJune 28, 1998, released here on March 22, 2002.
The Parallel Team
  (Zip = 1638 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9: TheParallel Dimension 1.8, New episode forBOOM 2.02
Full of awesome features like translucent walls,scrolling floors, deepwater etc.
"We also made some changes with DeHackEd, like gibbablebodies (impaledand those that hang on the ceilings), level names and cheat codes".

24levelscreatedbetween 1995 & 1996, released here on March 12, 2002
Bjorn Hermans & HolgerNathrath
4660 Kb
  (Zip = 2365 Ko)
E1M1-E3M8: SerEtInf,the complete work of twoguys with too much spare time...
Here are the three episodes "SERENITY", "ETERNITY" & "INFINITY", realisedduring the good oldtime,when the words "quality" and "gameplay" were the goal. ...thisisn't a hack&kill kind of level, you willget your share of bloody action (especially when playing"Ultraviolent").

20levelscreatedbetween 1994 & 1995, released here on February 05, 2002
Mat Falk, Jim Greeck, MikeCaithness ChrisMaslin & BrianHallinan
8012 Kb
  (Zip = 4014 Ko)
E1M1-E3M4: Jive'sTrek, a Star Wars Odyssey.
It's a TC (Total Conversion), compilation of"StarDoom","StarWar5" and "DoomTrek". Some levels wereduplicated, some others not at the good place, sprites and textures notat the correct place tobe displayed properly. I have merged all the good stuff and managed thelevels & the episodes.

14 levels createdon July 21, 2001, releasedhere on February 05, 2002
GarethWilliams andMark Morgan from DRAWDEVELOPMENT
1765 Kb  (Zip = 933 Ko)
E1M1-E2M5 :
Slave Doom
10 single player levels
and 4 exclusivedeathmatches ones.
2levels created on April 21,1994, releasedhere on January 27, 2002.
LauraBeyer (Box 665,Porthill, Idaho, 83853)
2411 Kb 
(Zip =1423 Kb)
E1M1-E1M2 :
LauraBeyer's Add on level 1 & 2
"Warning:The caves are so real we have had complaints.
TooFrightning!" (Beyer)
1level created on November 16, 2000, released here on January 27, 2002.
262 Kb (Zip = 105 Kb)
E1M1: Room101
"This DOOM level is a collection of all the best ideas
from all the levels that I have constructed over the past 6 months."(Sock)
27levelscreated on November 03, 1994, released here on January14,2002
NathanLineback : btsaMarsWar
5182 Kb  (Zip = 2456 Ko)
E1M1-E3M9 :
"Acompilation of popular WAD files I put together.
Includes new music and sky graphics." (N. Lineback)
5levelscreated on June02, 1997, released here on January 14, 2002.
2178 Kb  (Zip = 993Kb)
E3M1-E3M5 :
New Episode 5 "<-THE Partial Conversion for Doom!"
Back to the Cruel !First partof New Episodes trilogy.
Two new enemies, like Cruel officer!
1level created on May 15,2001, releasedhere on August 18, 2001.
Varun Abhirama Krishna (13yearsold...! Brother of Karthik)
303 Kb 
(Zip =161Kb)
E4M6 :
The Anomaly: Part II
"This is myfirst level (there is no prequel)
... so don't expect too much.
1levelcreated the 1st of November, 1995, released here on August 18, 2001.
Bjorn Hermans (btsa JyNewCol) and Holger Nathrath(testing &comment)
291 Kb  (Zip = 148 Kb)
E3M1 : "I'm A student who recentlystarted toedit his ownWADs ".(Bjorn)
"The evilSpider Motherhas made her lair in a Holy Place and turned it into a place of SupremeEvilness."(Nathrath)
Short, intense, and full of adrenaline for you!

1 levelcreated on May 28, 2001, releasedon DLW : June 03, 2001
1040 Kb  (Zip = 357 Ko)
E4M1 :
Shock 'EmDown
"A Doom level. Bloody well looks like ittoo." (Stphrz)
It's a huge level, as the well known Vrack I& 2, with 278 monsters to battle...
1 levelcreated on March 27, 2001, releasedon DLW : May 12, 2001
Sam K. Ellis III
247 Kb  (Zip = 102 Ko)
E3M1 :
Wagesof sin
It'stime to show to the Demons the wages of sin!
he he... Easy to say, hummmm? Not so easy to do!
36 levelscreated on November-1997, releasedon DLW : Apr 29, 2001
Paul Fleschute : btsaVengeance, Invasion2, SiriusIV
9918 Kb  (Zip = 3169 Ko)
E1M1-E4M9 :
Invasion v1.9.
Whatyou have here is pure DOOM art!
So, have a blast and...good luck!..

1level, created on Nov 6,1994, released on DLW : Apr01 2001
Scott F. Cran
759 Kb 
(Zip =258 Ko)
E2M1 :
Castle of the Renegade
Well, here itis and only 3months in the making...!?!"
A battle within a castle, a castle occupied by renegades... Finally, doyou know where to go?

2levelscreated on May 26 1994, releasedon DLW : Apr 01 2001
Alberto Barsella.
950 Kb  (Zip = 355 Ko)
E2M1-E2M2 :
Wasteland:Dead Base & Mountain of Fire (version 0.9)
Proceedtowards the origin of all the evil.
Then wander through the strange places which lies within a volcano.
9 levelscreated on Aug 28 1995, releasedon DLW : Apr 01 2001
Sean Birkel.
1737 Kb  (Zip = 743 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9 :
Fava Beans.
Whatyou have here is pure DOOM art!
So, have a blast!
2 levelscreated on 2000updated  on 2001. Re-releaseon DLW : July 07, 2004
Pablo Dictter . Web site  btsa Infernal, PolsDicSubversion,WarChemInfl
433Kb (Zip = 171 Ko)
E1M1 - E1M2 :
Evil'sPlayground (Diabolique parttwo). Version 1.5
The secondpart fromthe project "Diabolique".
Is suposed to be a wad with styled of Episode 3.
1level created on November 1999, releasedon DLW: Apr01 2001
Echo. Website
1018 Kb  (Zip = 387 Ko)
E1M1 :
A simple castle.
Somefine details and level-specific textures
(such as a torch housing, a window frame and several wall hangings).