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Chris MultiPak

05 levels,created on 5thJanuary 1997, released hereon January15, 2002, updatedon Oct. 28, 2003
Chris Pisarczyk Here is his Homesite
2926 Kb 
(Zip =1342 Kb)
Map01-Map05 :
Chris'sMulti-pak  (btsaDoomRev)
 Compilation of five wads found in "Chrispak.zip" +"deh" file for the levels names + resource file
Sprites sorted in a correct order and at thecorrect place to be displayed by Legacy. (

Sin City

09levels, created on October 17, 1995,released here on January 27, 2002
4362 Kb  (Zip= 2120Kb)
Map01 - Map09 : The
Sin City Series (ver2.9)
Updated version of Sincity5 and Sin678.wad
Plus a brand newlevel 9.


01level,created on August 08, 2001,released here on January 27, 2002
Lee Wallis (akaDooMAD)
You're welcome to Team Hell Spawn

210 Kb  (Zip= 85 Kb)
Map01 :
Weird (do have a look at Command Post, Pool - aka Future )
Too short, but with a perfect gameplay. Manyother wadsare available at Team Hell Spawn.


01level,created on 11th June 1995,released here on January 27, 2002

1731 Kb  (Zip= 1218Kb)
Map01 : Urban01

Youare on an Urbantraining exercise when itall seems to be going wrong...!
Are you ableto find theonly way toward the control room and to open up the exit? (Graham)

Also known as "Teitanga"
01level,created on April 04, 2000,released here on January 27, 2002
also known as "bejiitas_wrath"
Site: MyDoom2 wadfiles

710 Kb  (Zip= 169Kb)
Map01 : also known as"TeiTenga
Avery challengingbase map  forBoom  withexcellent architecture and design. (John)
Entryway (aka Karmea)

01level,created on May 30, 2001,released here on January 27, 2002
,a Finnish Doomfreak
Site : Espi's site
681Kb  (Zip =222Kb)
Map01 : Entryway
aka Karmea
"This is going to be the first mapin my Doom ][ episode, "One Hell Of A Day"(espi)

Slaves of Hell

01level,created on Jully 24, 1995,released here on January 27, 2002

364 Kb  (Zip= 171Kb)
Map01 : Slaves Of Hell

You'vegot to getthrough the caves and man made tunnels and get inside that base!
What youfind in the basemay shock you, orworse, KILL YOU!!! (Matt)

Command Post
01level,created on 11th December 1994,released here on January 27, 2002
.Additional Credits : "Buggeroff! It's mine!"
514 Kb  (Zip= 207Kb)
Map01 : Command Post

Areasonably largeoutpost/depot/recyclingfacility. 2 landing pads, crusher(fun), evil sludge silo(also fun).
(nb. funny looking 3-piece door included)

32 levels,created Wayback in Jan '97,releasedhere on January 15, 2002
NathanLineback (btsaMegawad)
7633 Kb 
(Zip =3594 Kb )
Map01 - Map32 :
Allthe levels just leadup to the last one.
So if you want a quick anti M$ fix, then warp strait to MAP30.


01 level,created on 11thDecember 1994, releasedhere on January 15, 2002
Avery D.Andrews
1031 Kb 
(Zip = 370Kb)
Map01 :
Bighousewith brakable windows, 336 monsters, and newtextures... What a strange feeling!
WA R N I NG  !!! DON'T USE ZENNODE on it one more time, oryou'llruin it!!! (Jive)

Castle of the Renegades 2

01 level,created on 25thAugust 1996, released hereon January15, 2002
Scott F. Crank (btsaCaslotr)
731 Kb 
(Zip = 234Kb)
Map01 :
Castleof theRenegades 2
"Hereat last is the Doom 2 version of Castle of theRenegades.
I incorporated most of the new monsters and someof the new graphics and linedef types."

ChrisWad v6.1

30 levels,legalized on Nov2000 (v6.0 - Dec 1995),releasedhere on January 15, 2002
Chris Polan & Sparkyof KISS Software
6673 Kb 
(Zip =2918 Kb)
Map01-Map30 :
This isalegalized version of CHRIS60.
20 levels support all play modes, and there's 10Deathmatch-only levels as well.


08 levels,created on 25thAugust 1996, released hereon August18, 2001.
4957 Kb 
(Zip =2439 Kb)
Map01-Map08 :
"It'sthe much-expanded sequel to btsaAnubis (a DOOMGATE "BestDoom2 of all time" level).
OSIRIS is a totally immersive experience. Aconnoisseur's wadset. Not for the weak." (Glen

The Mummy phuquers II
10 levels,created on 8thMay 2001,released here on June03, 2001.
8491 Kb 
(Zip =3329 Kb)
Map01-Map10 :
TheMummy PhuquersIISeries for Doom ][
"Thisbunch of levels were inspired by the movieStargate, the deathmatch wad STARGATE.WAD,
the wonderful total conversion OSIRIS.WAD andalso the lovely ADDICTIV.WAD with its cool 3Deffects.
" (Andy
32levels, createdbetween Sept 1994 & May2001, collected on May 24, 2001& released here on June 03, 2001.
AuthorsCollection (8selected authors : S. Malinen, S. Maes, J.Gaughan, T. & A. Dunne, A. & B. Sze etTurdburglar.)
6619Kb (Zip =3197 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 :
It's  my 11thcompilation to make complete megawad ! Skies aremy own creation, and some graphics also.
Some Levels, originaly, were made for DOOM1, andI have converted them to Doom2, to make acomplete
Sirius IV

1 level,created onJun 09, 1999,released here on May19,2001.
PaulFleschutebtsa Vengeance, Invasion1, Invasion2
634 Kb 
(Zip = 328Kb)
Map01 :
Vengeance:SkyBaseSirius IV
Cleanoutthe base, get to the shuttle bay and launch outof there to find the other shuttle craft.
"And what lone space marine will saveYOU!? MUAHAHAHA..." . (Paul

3DPhobos7 aka Hellion
14 levels,created betweensept 28, 1999,& May 11,2001,released here on May 12, 2001, updatedon May 17,2001
2325Kb  (Zip =1000 Kb)
Map01-Map03 (3dPhobos7.wad)& Map01 - Map13 (Slay2dl.wad):
"Wellhere is a map i converted over to use legacys new3d sectors, and a Modification level for yourdoom legacy". (Jason)
3dPhobos7 updated on May17, 2001 (Zip=104 Kb) with the name : "3dPhobos.wad
". 3d + xP + talent= ^_^

1 level,created onDecember 14, 1999,released hereon May12, 2001.
HarryDaalmeijer (Site: harryplanet 1) btsaStepsv2
296 Kb 
(Zip = 119Kb)
Map01 :
notime to read abook now
Verypleasant one!
Harry, one more time, gave us agreat peace of pleasure. (Jive)


32 levels,created Wayback in Jan '97,releasedhere on Apr 29 2001
PaulFleschute (btsaVeangeance, Invasion1, SiriusIV) & RickLipsey
13437 Kb 
(Zip =4415 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 :
"Thisis sorta a BETA of Invasion II, the nextversion will be called Invasion 98 (for TeamTNT'sBOOM engine). And I will make a full attempt to kill ALL thebugs. Which should't be that hard, anyway". (Paul)But Invasion 98 was...NEVER RELEASED !!! (Paulhas a bigger project...top secret !)

3D floors
2levels,created on Aug 22, 2000 & Nov06, 2000, released here on Apr29, 2001 June13, 2004
Madeby SoM (StevenMc Granahan) btsa LGDM01 , Polution ,Master
836 Kb 
(Zip =284 Kb)
Two Map01 :
lgdm01.wad& q2o.wad,with q2.wad asresource file (no text file).
SoMasked me to delete the zip,because his mapswereunder developpement, and he wanted to put his finished mapson his site ... before DLW! But, since this date,nothinghappened... So... !!!
Triple play

1level, created on Jun 25, 1995, releasedhere on Apr 29, 2001
Bill J.McClendon authorof 'The Unofficial WAD Designers Handbook' (Handbook21.html)
170 Kb 
(Zip = 82Kb)
Map01 :
Tripleplay (or,Practice What YouPreach :) is one, two, THREElevels in one!
"Thisis the first level I've seen (and I've seen a lotof them, kiddies; over 1,700 at
last count) with semi-random monster placement
". (Bill
) Play& die often before success! (Jive)

Da crypt !!
1level,Creation date : June 15, 1995, releasedhere on Apr 29, 2001
1310 Kb (Zip = 757 Kb)
Map01 :
One year and the flamingcorpses of three Doom editors later... DaCrypt !!
"Parfor this giant level without cheats and 100%across the board is 33:12" (Bosco)
SAVE ALOT ! SAVE ALOT !! SAVE ALOT !!!! But, inthe same time : very playable !
1level,created on April 18, 2001, releasedhere on Apr 29, 2001
Mike(Felix) J&Jean-Yves Delpech aka Jive (artisticco-author)
251 Kb (Zip = 150 Kb)
Map01 :
Swimmin'Pool (betarelease)
Deathmatch3dFloor level
Recreation of Rise ofthe Triad's Swimmin' Pool level.
Sacrifice II

6levels, originaly created on Nov 04, 1994, releasedhere on Apr29, 2001
Anonyme(s)[Ty Halderman and Robert Taylor ???] (Pwadfound on 'TheImmaculateCollection')
(Zip =613 Kb)
Map01 - Map06 :
No txtfile with it! BUT: Iknow this pwad!It's btsaSacrifice from Ty Halderman and R.Taylor, originaly made for Doom1, and converted for Doom2,with some changes, additions (double gun, Doom2 monsters) andimprovements (onarchitecture)!

Schrine of the Warriors

1level, created on Nov 04, 1994, releasedhere on Apr 01, 2001
1243 Kb 
(Zip =384 Kb)
Map01 :
Shrineof theWarriors
"Theshrine is a large complex that pays tribute tothe hell spawn.
Some what of a cross between an artmuseum and amausoleum." (

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