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Cobra Serie 2 Episode 4
30levels, created on October 24, 1994 , releasedhere on June06, 2004
Cobra Computer LTD. for 10authors (Aug & Ben Sze, D. Hornbaker, JC Megabyte, ...)
4872 Kb (Zip = 1967Kb) Converted
Map01 - Map30: TheCobra Doom-2 Serie, Episode 4/4.
(btsa Cobra2_1, Cobra2_2, Cobra2_3)
This is the last compilation (the 7th) of PWADS for DOOM 2 named "CobraSeries".
(Knee Deep ][ , The Apocalypse Project, JCM's New Levels, ...)

Cobra Serie 2 Episode 3
30levels, created on 1994 , released here on May22, 2004
Cobra Computer LTD. for 16authors (J.S. Gagnon,G. Fiffy, S.Timson, ...)
3988 Kb (Zip = 1706 Kb)
Map01 - Map30: TheCobra Doom-2 Serie, Episode 3/4. (btsa Cobra2_1, Cobra2_2, Cobra2_4)
This is a compilation of PWADS for DOOM 2 made on October 23, 1994
(Forest 3.2, Wop World, 666, 777, Symbolic, ...)

IntZonOr by Jim Flynn
03levels, created between1994 &1995,released here on May10,2004
Jame F. Flynn(aka Jim Flynn)& Scott Harper
.You'll be welcome to JimFlynn's Page
1668 Kb (Zip = 681 Kb)
Map01 - Map03 : IntZonOr
. Compilation of "The Interdiction Zone" and"Oracle". (btsaEnigma, TitanSeries)
"Doomprovided me withuntold hours of pleasure, and a useful outlet for my creative impulses(Jim).
A must, a pure jewel of gameplay very well designed, as usual with Jim.Kick ass!!!

Michael Reed compilation
09levels, created between 1995& 1996,released here on May 10, 2004
Michaël Reed.You'll be welcome to MichaëlReed Doom2 page
2688 Kb (Zip = 988 Kb)
Map01 - Map09:
Here is a compilation of the 9 Mike Reed's Doom2 levels.
All are quite LARGEand very detailed. Lots of rooms, great scenery,and lots of monsters make these levels a must for any DOOM2 player

The Adventure of SUB, by Tony "DOOM" Soderlund (Aug 20, 1990)
07levels, created on August 20, 1990,released here on April 13, 2004
Tony "DOOM" Soderlund
2401 Kb (Zip = 695 Kb)
Map01 - Map07:
TheAdventure of SUB
Code Name: SUB . Why is itcalled "SUB":Because the mightySubmarine, the pride of SUB.WAD. Why you are a GERMANSoldier: You know, shit happens! (sorry, German folks)

Annihilation, by Michal Mesko (December 08, 1996)
02levels, created on Dec. 1996 & May 1997,released here on April 13, 2004
MichalMesko (btsa dusk)
1183 Kb (Zip = 498 Kb)
Map01 - Map02:
Annihilation1& 2
It's a compilation of2 wads.What else needs to be said, when I'll tell you that M. Mesko is theauthor of the Map11 & Graphics for Hacx, 10 sectors contest2000winner and co-author of GothicDM?

Cygnus IV
Cygnus IV - Version 2.0
14levels, created on April14, 1997,released here on April 13, 2004
John J. Bye(aka Spook, akaGestalt666).You'll be welcome to TheGestalt666Resource
2999 Kb (Zip = 975 Kb)
Map01 - Map14:
CygnusIV - Version 2.0 (btsa Talosian)
You'llfind in thezip a HTML file made by me (Jive) to present this wad.
14 levels of hard-hitting Doom II action, with new graphics, sound andmusic, and some damned impressive scenery!

Tvr! Revolution
32levels, created on September25, 2001, released here on March 10, 2004
Thomas van der Velden (T.V.)You're welcome to DOOM.2YA.COM, theThomas'official site.
5457Kb (Zip = 2252 Kb)
Map01- Map32: this megawad was reviewedatDoomworld.
Revolution! (aka TVR!)is thename of an unofficial add-on for id Software`s DOOMII.
Throughthe Oracle, The Father taught monsters a new concept... R E V O L U T IO N !!!

Cobra Doom2 serie, Episode 2
30levels, created on October 23,1994, released here on January02, 2004
COBRACOMPUTER LTD. (btsa Cobra2_1, Cobra2_3
, Cobra2_4)
5467 Kb (Zip = 2259 Kb)
Map01 - Map30: TheCobra Doom-2 Episodes, Volume 2/4
This is compilation of PWADS for DOOM 2, some very good oldies of the94's, selected from 27 different authors
(Brad Spencer, Tim Willits, Dave Brown, Jon Landis, ...) Some are wellknown, others less, but all should be known!!!

Dennis Meuwissen's stuff
10levels, created between 2001-2003 , released hereon November01, 2003
DennisMeuwissen (aka exile9000).Author of Wacked2 (available on his site)
1544 Kb (Zip = 816 Kb)
Map01 - Map10: "Its name?... Don't care, makeone up foryourself" :)
So...I named it "Dennis Meuwissen's stuff"! It's a compilation of Pwads:"mywad1" (Map01-Map08), converted "Io Anomaly" (E1M9) to Map09, and"Spinal Injury" (Map10)
.  Needa Boom compatiblesource port!!!

Pinman Wads
Pinman Wads.jpg
09levels created on September 2000, released here on September 21, 2003

1401Kb (Zip= 554 Kb)
Map01-Map09:Compilation by Jive.
Kensent me his wads, and I merged them to build a pwad.
From someoneinvolved within the Pinball Community... You will be surprised!

Pangier Wads
Pangier Wads.jpg
02wads created on 1995-1996,released here on September 21, 2003
PangierDino M. aka:(D.T.Legna)
855 Kb (Zip= 286 Kb)
Map01: Twowads: Pangier's City& Town House(VERYdetailed levels).
PangCity takes on a whole newconcept! It'sa deathmatch city that youactually play under co-op mode, but which is playable on singleplayer...

School Doom II.jpg
06levels created on November 13, 1996 ,released here on October 10, 2002
Faidros,Gotara,Gigademon, Jelly
&Ostrowsky: Pupils Of The Cyberdemon (POCD).
7212 Kb (Zip = 3087 Kb)
Map01-Map06: SchoomDoom II.
It's a true TC (monsters, textures, sprites, sounds, musics)! Don'tlaugh too much while begining to play it... You will besurprised!
Is it yourdestiny? Isit your hell?... Who cares?... One thing is sure: it's your SCHOOL DOOM!

The Dusk.jpg
06levels created on November 13, 1996 ,released here on October 10, 2002
1144 Kb (Zip = 755 Kb)
Map01-Map06: TheDusk (v1.21)
Six levels designed for great Deathmatch, Single Player and Cooperativegame.
Greatarchitecture,good gameplay, interesting lightings, what else do you want?


07 levelscreated on February 02, 1996 , released here on September30, 2002
2485 Kb (Zip = 1437 Kb)
Map01-Map11: InfectedArea.
"Yoursuperiors inform you of high monster activity in a clandestine citythat has been abandoned for centuries."
Single player only!



11levels created on March 08, 1998 , released hereon August29, 2002
D.Shaw, S.Watson , T.Evans& A.Williamson: TheInsertion Team
4174 Kb (Zip = 2293 Kb)
Map01-Map11: Insertion
"Insertion. . . the strategic implementation oftheMarine's elite fightingforce to neutralize the final emplacements of the vile beasts from Hellitself."

Twilight Zone II
32levels, created on 27 August 1999, released here onAugust03, 2002
PaulCorfiatis.Site: Da Ultimate PaulCorfiatisResource (
btsa Pe4m_allBiowar 2001-e1 , TwZone)
12668Kb (Zip= 5912 Kb)
Map01-Map32: TheTwilight Zone II: FinalDreamsNeedaBoom compatible source port!!!
"Getready for a 30+ level journey into hell where youmust destroy Johnnyboy and obtain the tome of darkness and eternity via Ethereal travelports.Move or kill things, hear ambient sounds like wind and rocks, listenmusic,...ENJOY!"(Paul)

The Inner Circle

1level created on October 20, 1995 , released hereon August03, 2002
BrianMartin(the ZombyWoof)
1225 Kb (Zip = 603 Kb)
Map01: TheInnerCircle
"This is like 3 levels in 1. New music, newtextures.
I like to brag, I think this is one of the coolest levels ever. Nojoke".


30levels, created on 1994 , releasedhere on May 21, 2002
Cobra Computer LTD. for 14authors (Kent "The Hacker", David G. Shrock, James Gerbino, ...)
4326Kb (Zip= 2386 Kb) Converted
Map01-Map30: TheCobra Doom-2 Serie, Episode 1/4.
(btsa Cobra2_2, Cobra2_3)
Thisis the first compilation of PWADS for DOOM 2 of the Cobra Series, madeon October 23, 1994
(KentzLabyrinth, Castle Phobos, Weezul, ...)

The DOOM Authors Guild presents: Polution

09levels, created on December 15, 1998 , releasedhere on May21, 2002
Steven 'StroggOnMeth' McGranahan aka SoM
1926 Kb (Zip = 999 Kb)
Map01 - Map09: Polution.(
btsa LGDM01, Master)
"Polution in as addon for the greates game of alltime,DOOM II.
This new addon will test you in ways others can't. I have made newweapons and enemys"


09levels, created on April 08, 1995, updated here on Oct 17,2004: Version 2.0
James F.Flynn aka JimFlynn. Site: JimFlynn's Page
3414Kb (Zip=1503 Kb)
Map01 - Map09: The Enigmaepisode.
(btsa IntZonOr, Titan Series) Clean those shotgunsand grab your thinking caps DOOMers!
"Here's 9 levels ofhotand tasty DOOM II action. For an_extra_ challenge play each level alone starting with a pistol.
For a blastin' good time play them as an episode." Jim

'Noi Eda Research Facility'
08levels, created on Summer 2001 , released here on April10, 2002
Jivefor:J.Engelhardt, D.Lopez, S.Groan, J.M.Albert, MR.ROCKET, A.Mckie,J.McDougald 'Rellik'
2628 Kb (Zip = 1208 Kb)
Map01: 3dContestfromseven authors

Contest made by Newdoom onsummer 2001. Iwas choosed tobe one member, with John Romerohimself ! All maps are  Map01, with full 3d(3d water, 3d bridges,...) John wasn't really self-interested...and never sent his judgement!!!
Demon's Feast (Map13) from Cary Maucere

32levels, created between 1995 &2000, released hereon March 08, 2002
Jive(for some graphics) & T.Rajala, Jander, J.L.Wagner, C.Maucere,H.Daalmeijer, R.la Rosa, D.StorminNorman,B.Lester, G.Lough
6327 Kb (Zip = 3118 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 : compilationfromnine authors
It's my 12th compilation megawad, and not the lessincredible...
Some new graphics are by me, some others by J.L.Wagner & TomiRajala.

Herian episode II
32levels, created on January 24, 1999,updated & released here on January 27,2002

21108 Kb (Zip = 8909 Kb)

Map01 - Map32 : Herian2It'sthe sequel of Herian, and like it, the Legacyversionordered also to me, and based on the original Zdoom version. "Theseare changes to sprites (characters, weaponsand artifacts)that are much more influenced by Quake, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, ROTTand Duke Nukem 3D". You can find them within the Herianarchiveor here: Herianresource file
Herian episode I
32levels, created on June 04, 1998, updated &released hereon January 27, 2002

13747 Kb  (Zip = 6031 Kb). It'sthe Legacyversion ordered to me, and based on the original Zdoom version.
Map01 - Map32 : Herian
(32NEW levels, NEW textures,NEW sounds & NEW monsters).
If you enjoy it, you will have the pleasure to say you that it have asequel... "These are changes to sprites (characters,weapons and artifacts) that are much moreinfluenced by Quake, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, ROTTand Duke Nukem 3D."

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