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Jive's 18th Compilation (Map16)
30 levels, created between 1994 &1998,released here onFeb. 22, 2006
13 authors (do have a look at the html file)
8168 Kb (Zip = 3120 Kb)
Map01 - Map30 : Jive's 18th Compilation

This is my 18th compilation made for Doom Legacyand the DLW's users.
As usual, it will bring you the best of the Doom mappers fromthe good old time.

21 levels, created on 2002, releasedhere on Feb. 22, 2006
DannyDespres aka KORR3D
7781 Kb (Zip = 3843 Kb)
& Map15-Map19 + secret levels 
(Deathmatchlevels):Antichrist Doom
"When i decided to do thesewads, Doom 2 was getting old and was about to die. I modified someexisting good doom levels to go faster. Some of my levels are notfinished due to a lack of time but they are well done." (KOOR3D)


New World II
16 levels, created on July 07, 2004,released here on Feb.22, 2006
11286 Kb (Zip = 4328 Kb)
Map01 - Map16 : New World II

Source port: any that supports DeHackEd Patchesand  enablesjumping .
Tested in ZDoom 2.0 63a, Doom Legacy v1.42, Doomsday v1.8.2

New World
06 levels, created on July 06, 2004,released here on Feb.22, 2006
4892 Kb (Zip = 1981 Kb)
Map01 - Map06 : New World

Source port: any that supports DeHackEd Patchesand  enablesjumping .
Tested in ZDoom 2.0 63a, Doom Legacy v1.42, Doomsday v1.8.2

Real World I & II
30 levels, created between July 2003 & April 2004,released here on Feb.22, 2006
Alexis Neuhaus ( Welcome to Alexis Neuhaus Homepage!)
4451 Kb (Zip = 1635 Kb)
Map01 - Map30 : RealWorld I & II

Compilation of the 2 Pwads released separately inDelmenhorst, Germany, by a very old mapper (he is 14 !!!), so that it'snow a complete megawad. The entries were renamed accordingly to theirnew status

Crimson Canyon (Map06)
12 levels, created on March 9th, 2005,released here on Feb.22, 2006
J. S. Graham (akapsyren)
4551 Kb (Zip = 1691 Kb)
Map01 - Map12 : Crimson Canyon.
btsa Azagtoth
Advanced engine needed  :  Limit removingsource port .
A themed map series intended to be as much of a visual experience asone of intense gameplay.

Scythe II
29 levels, created on June 9, 2005,released here on Feb.22, 2006
Eric Alm . Erik Alm's Page of Doom
25697 Kb (Zip = 8267 Kb)
Map01 - Map27 : Scythe2

This wad isharder than the original Scythe.
I suggest skill 2/3 for those thatenjoyed Scythe on skill 4. Shortly after map20, you WILL run intotrouble on skill 4.

32 levels, created on April 08, 2003,released here on Feb.22, 2006
Eric Alm
, withguest mapper Kim "Torn" Bach. Erik Alm's Page of Doom
6279 Kb (Zip = 2350 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 : Scythe

This megawaddoesn't have perfect texture alignment, insane detail andfantasticly hard gameplay. Instead it focuses on small fun maps toblast through without much thought about defense. (Eric)

The Mortiser Series (Map02)
05levels, created between2000 &2003,released here on Feb.08, 2005
Sam 'Metabolist'Woodman. Metabolist'ssite at Doomworld
5408 Kb (Zip = 2210 Kb)
Map01 - Map05 : TheMortiser Series

Compilation of the five wads released separatelyand of the MortResfile,plus a deh file (names of the maps and of the musics made by MarkKlem). Thus, Metabolist is also afabulousauthor of musics: hereand here!!!

LAST DAY ON EARTH - Rise of Hell - by Team Apocalypse
11levels, created on June14, 2000,released here on Feb 07,2005
Team Apocalypse (teamleader: Laurent Lau Remy)
3544 Kb (Zip = 1665 Kb)
Map01 - Map11 : LastDay On EartH - Rise of Hell

"Again,the not quite deadUAC experimented with gateways, and again, hell is on earth." Members:J."Mantra" Croce, M."Kronic" Joyner, T."Hyena" White, T."Lu Wang"Rajala, Rez, J.Robertson
jallaspace - Map01
01 level,created on May 03, 2004,released here on Feb 07,2005

788 Kb (Zip = 251 Kb)
Map01 : JallaSpace for Doom Legacy

"Thisis my 1st publicallyreleased wad. Believe it or not. It sucks, tho. Didn't get much time,so it's short, and the scripting was a rush job." (Ivar)
KMega1, Map11
18levels, created on Nov.13, 2004,released here on Feb 07,2005
Kurt Kessler

5907 Kb (Zip = 2786 Kb)
Map01 - Map18 : KMegaI(my first 18 wads,combined as onemegawad)

"hisis the first 18 wadsI released, slightly reworked to play as one megawad. The whole thingwill run with any engine, including good old doom2.exe", exceptMap15 (see txt file)
The Darkening, Episode I
24levels, created on Jan21, 1998,released here on Feb 07,2005
The DarkeningCrew (teamleader: OlaBjörling).TheDarkening homepage

6810 Kb (Zip = 2668 Kb)
Map01 - Map24 : TheDarkening, Episode I ( = The Nameless Projectv1.01= )

"Finally,it's here. Aftermany months of hard work, The Darkening team proudly presents Episode1: The Nameless Project, featuring ... 12 single player&12 deathmatchlevels.
The Darkening, Episode II
24levels, created on 2000,released here on Jan 13, 2005
The DarkeningCrew (teamleader: OlaBjörling).TheDarkening homepage

13378 Kb (Zip = 4760 Kb)
Map01 - Map24 : TheDarkening, Episode II (version 1.1)

"Afterbeing in productionfor waaaay too long, here is ep. 2, sadly also the last episode. Therewill be no third one". 12 single player & 12deathmatchlevels.
Dark covenant
12levels, created on 2000,released here on Jan 13, 2005
Keith Phipps

3949 Kb (Zip = 1754 Kb)
Map01 - Map12 : DarkCovenant

"Startsout in a smallsuburban neighborhood and takes you from demon-infested cityscapes todeep inside the earth, and finally into space..."
03levels, created on 1996,released here on Jan 13, 2005
Matej "Mages" Zary

809 Kb (Zip = 450 Kb)
Map01 - Map03 : -*MagEwaD*-(Version 1.2)

"Architecture, lights, fun".
Short, likehis own comments, but very pleasant.
Compilation of Tolwyn's stuff
02levels, created onMay-Aug. 2004,released here on Dec 28,2004
David Shaw akaTolwyn

1277 Kb (Zip = 573 Kb)
Map01 - Map02 : OutpostRecon & An Affinity For Pain

It's acompilation of 2 maps made by thecontributor of music for a bunch of masterpieces, like Strain, Icarus,Requiem, Memento Mori II, etc...
Return to castlle Wolfenstein
10levels, created on 1994,released here on Dec 25, 2004
Norman Scott & Tim Scott

2750 Kb (Zip = 929 Kb)
Map01 - Map10 : Returnto Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver)

"Revisionof the doom1 Ep1 replacement. Contain some levels previously released,modified &new levels, characters and textures from Wolfenstein. Also a new weaponto add to your pack".
32levels, created on Dec2001,updated on Mar 2004,released here on Dec 25,2004
Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!). Site: TheUltimate DooMer'spage of DooM
11680 Kb (Zip = 4222 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 : FragPort

"A 21st century DooM 2 episodethat is big, innovative, good-looking, and of course, HARD!
OtherWAD's by me: Operation: Lightning (OP-LITE2.WAD)" (Stephen)
WarChemInf (Map02)
08levels, created onJanuary 2, 2004,released here on July05, 2004
Pablo Dictter  (Dictter's site)
1106 Kb (Zip = 521 Kb)
Map01 - Map03 : WarChemInf

Compilationof 3wads from Pablo Dictter: Warehouse, Chemical and Infernal.
btsa Infernal,EvPlSubversion,PolsDic
EndGame (Map04)
08levels, created onJanuary 2, 2004,released here on July05, 2004
Erik Alm, Joe Pallai, Anthony Soto,Lee Szymanski, JanVan der Veken, and Josh Zylstra
3222 Kb (Zip = 1249 Kb)
Map01 - Map08 : EndGame "street legal version"

ThisPWAD contains select texture(s) and flat(s) that can originally befound in GothicDM or Gothic2. Several textures were designed by JoePallai. AllModes of Play are supported
The Twilight Zone rerelease (May 24, 2004)
32levels, created on 1997, updated on May 2004, availablehere on July 05,2004
PaulCorfiatis.Site: Da Ultimate PaulCorfiatisResource

5264 Kb (Zip = 1972Kb)

Map01-Map32: TheTwilight Zone.
(btsa Pe4m_allBiowar 2001-e1 , TwZoneII)
"Mostlevels to todays standards have an old school feel. There have beenmany changes to the level design in all maps to improve the feel. A fewof the earlier maps still have wolfenstein textures in them." (Paul)
6Fiffy0 (Map02)
04levels, created onDecember 20, 2000,released here on June20, 2004
George Fiffy II
(SoundEffects: Mark Klem).Come to the official REoL TOUGH DeatH Site
1305 Kb (Zip = 499 Kb)
Map01 - Map04 : 6Fiffy0
. One of the numerous productions made by KingREoL.
"KingREoL proudlypresents... REoL TOUGH: Cyber "Cool!" (George).
All Modes of Play are supported
B.P.R.D stuff (Equinox, map01)
29maps, created between2001-2004,released here on June 20, 2004
B.P.R.D(burp and gurgle).You'll be welcome to Doomology(A DOOMed page)
13567 Kb (Zip = 5246 Kb)
Doomland and  Equinox ,Map01: Fritter,Grove,GroveAlt
I made this compilation (B.P.R.D stuff)as an homage to B.P.R.D, who think that the only good work is Equinox,and that all the other wads are only crap!!! I don't think so... Ienjoyed everything!
08 levels,created on May 07, 1996,released here on June20, 2004
Bob Reganess
6183Kb (Zip = 2155 Kb)
Map01- Map08: 
Things youmight never have seen in DOOM before:
An addon wad with all new patches, new music, sounds, graphics, 5 newmonsters.

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