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Here is a challenge for you:
show us your imagination, your capacity to give life to an unfinished map:
I have the authorization of its author, Frank Polster (aka Alien426).

The emails:

July 13, 2002
Hello Frank.
At DLW, I have released "PolsDic" ( click here to look at it! )
The level E1M4 is "Darxide.wad".
In your txt file, you said:

"October 01, 1999, 23:47
The 'Darxide' WAD consists of very many level's best ideas.
Most of the original levels were not so good, so I decided to put 'em together to one WAD, that should be top.
I didn't have a state-of-the-art-editor like registered DeeP 97. No, I copied these eyecatchers 'by hand'.
I added some of my ideas and did some texture alignment etc.
But it's not fully playable as it is!"
"E1M4_Jive.wad" is a revised version of "Darxide", with monsters (one player mode), and many improvements and modifications, to make it fully playable.
My idea is to create a challenge: all the authors will have "Darxide", and their job will be to edit the map to make it fully playable, like me with "E1M4_Jive.wad"
What do you think about it?
Do you agree?

Frank Polster's answer (July 20, 2002):
I'm quite busy at the moment (family and work) so please excuse my late reply.
Do whatever you want with my maps. I guess the participator's versions of Darxide
will be put onto your website, so I can download them?! Will you please add links
to the modifications (you mentioned one that is needed for yours) I need to play them
as well?

The rules:
  1. Port to use: the one you want, no matter which one (Zdoom, ZdoomGl, Jdoom, GZDoom, Legacy, etc...
  2. You are not allowed to create rooms not needed (I mean: the only new rooms must be created to join the existing ones!) But these new rooms can be as huge as you want! Why? Because:
  3. The goal is to make a playable and embedded wad, but not to create a new one...
  4. We can modify existing rooms I assume?
    1. Modify... Yes, but only to embed it: no fundamental architecture's change! You can add things, change textures, lighting...
    2. Imagine that you are a designer. You're in an empty room, and its owner ask you: "Embed it! As it is, I can't live in it. I can't explore the existing domain".
  5. To resume, at the end of your work, we must be able to say: "Hey! I recognize it: it was "Darxide"!
  6. Can we change the sector height where it doesn't change the architecture?
    1. I mean some of those rooms have stairs that go up to 300+ and the next room over has a floor height of 96. It's kind of silly to lead a character up some stairs just to have them go down more stairs or a lift.
    2. Of course: you can change height, length & width, if you respect the global architecture.
  7. The recommended port is Doom Legacy, but you are not obliged to use it (you can make a map playable with vanilla Doom). Be careful, your map must be opengl 100% compatible!
  8. No new texture from another author than yourself: only the classical ones, but you are allowed to change the used textures if you want!
  9. You are allowed to create new textures: to embellish the map with textures not in the original Doom.wad
  10. You are not allowed to create rooms not needed, but, of course, you can create rooms to teleport enemies from.
  11. A txt file is asked: for your references, the editor used... The best will be to use "WadTemp.txt" (included in the zip file)
  12. How do you submit wads? Send them to me:
email to: Jive (Darxide Challenge)

    A good idea will be to make ONE screenshot (the most beautiful possible) to show your work: 800x600x24 BPP
    (you can add a frame to embed it)
Here is the link to have the file:
You will find the map ("Darxide.wad"), plus my own work on it ("PolsDic_E1M4_Jive.wad"), the needed "WadTemp.txt", and this page (for the rules)

Last thing: there is no limited date to do it!
I mean: as soon as an author sends his map to me, I will put it in remote loading on DLW.

All the wads will be downloadable on my site.
A specialpage with all the needed info (wad's weight, author's name, txt file) willbe created, in the same way that I present all wads on DLW.
Jean-Yves DELPECH aka Jive

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